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What is CRM?

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How to deliver value for your customers

Segmeting your customer base and understanding each segment's needs and moments of truth, is key to providing differentiated customer experience across marketing, sales and service touch-points.
Observe customer behavior
Understand customer needs through voice of customer capabilities
Define segments
Create meaningful and actionable segmentation
Deliver treatments
Design and deliver treatments for key segments


Customer Relationship Management

Understand and deliver on customer's need through use of CRM

CRM is a term that refers to practices, approaches and technologies that companies use to deal with and analyze consumer interactions and knowledge through the client lifecycle, with the objective of strengthening company associations with buyers, aiding in buyer retention and driving product sales progress. CRM systems are made to compile data on buyers across different channels, which could contain the firm's web site, phone, reside chat, immediate mail, advertising and marketing materials and social media. CRM methods can also give employees in depth data on customers' personalized info, obtain heritage, purchasing tastes and considerations.